Biometric and CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation Malaysia

Our CCTV installation company offers advanced features for the security cameras that we install. Gone the days of blurry videos, we ensure that all the footage is recorded as crucial evidence for investigations. This helps in identifying perpetrators and facilitating law enforcement. We install cameras in the key areas of your offices and houses to actively monitor and deter potential security threats. The presence of CCTV acts as a deterrent as it prevents any type of unauthorized access to promote a safe work environment in offices and family time at home. In addition, our CCTV Kuala Lumpur systems are integrated with advanced analytics, remote monitoring capabilities and recorded backups in cloud storage. This enables real-time surveillance and prompt response to security concerns to enhance the overall security protocols in office and home spaces.

CCTV installation malaysia
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Attendance Machines

Eliminate manual time-in/time-out and attendance marking. Integrate attendance machines with your Human resource software to manage employee’s attendance, leaves and payrolls. We provide installation of facial recognition machines, CCTV Kuala Lumpur, Pasang CCTV, RFID, thumb print scan and on-point access control with time date tracking. This streamlines workforce management, consistent supervision and identity based access on permissible/restricted areas. These devices develop more efficient and secure workplace environment. It further reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. However, with facial recognition’s touchless access feature contributes to hygienic environment especially places following high health and safety standards.

What Can You Get From CCTV Installation Malaysia?

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Enhances security

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Cost saving

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Fraud prevention

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Access control

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Operational efficiency

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Compliance and Audit trial

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Improved supervision

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Increased emloyee productivity

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Crisis management

Surveillance Camera Malaysia

Our biometric system can store and operate up to 10,000 fingerprint images. This biometric device can be used in conjunction with doorbells, attendance management systems, door sensors. Our attendance software offers an array of attendance reports, including daily, weekly and monthly reports, and extra hours reports, among many more. Surveillance and biometric management have become essential to achieve better security and monitoring in an organization. Companies are investing more in advanced safety and protection measures like CCTV Installation Malaysia as a precautionary measure against danger and attack. Additionally, deploying biometric management systems has also become a necessity to efficiently optimize workforce management.

Over a decade of expertise in providing security solution includes security alarms and CCTV, thumb print and facial scanning, card-based and RFID access control installation. We are regarded as one of the best and reasonable CCTV installation company. We also integrate the latest identity domain management with biometric scanners, card access and identity based connectivity with other devices.


We strive to be the best CCTV installation company in Malaysia. Through IT Hub, your company can have a different experience of surveillance which is cost and energy-effective with our solar CCTV. As maintaining the security and safety of your business is part of our mission, IT Hub ensures your business is equipped with compliance and security to help uphold the well-being of your company because your success is our success. Contact us right away! 


Questions You May Have In Your Mind?

We are here to answer all your valuable questions about our IT company in Malaysia and our various innovative services. Let’s have a look at some of the general questions that might be popping into your head.

Biometric management enhances office security by utilizing unique identifiers such as fingerprints or facial features to secure access control. This technology not only minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry but also streamlines attendance tracking and provides an effective solution for efficient workforce management.
CCTV installation is a crucial element of a solid security system as it offers real-time monitoring prevents potential threats, and does quick responses to incidents. It also acts as a powerful tool as evidence in investigations due to its visual recording capabilities.

We offer diverse solutions that can be customized depending on your commercial or residential needs. Some of our biometric solutions include
· Fingerprint recognition
· Facial recognition
· Iris scanning
· Thumb printing

Our services are customizable to fit the unique layout and requirements of your office. Our team conducts a thorough assessment to know the optimal placement of CCTV cameras and biometric access points. This way we cover all the key areas and install surveillance and biometric equipment according to your office requirements.

Want to get the latest office security systems for your work place? Get in touch with us to know more about our surveillance camera Malaysia and biometric management services.

Want to get the latest office security systems for your work place? Get in touch with us to know more about our CCTV installation and biometric management services.

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