IT and Network Infrastructure

IT Services and Network Infrastructure Support

At IT Hub Technologies, we understand the significant impact of IT services and its major contribution to business operations today. With our network company in Malaysia, we provide up to date IT solution, that enables the efficiency and productivity in day-to-day tasks, enhances business performance and bridges the communication gaps with cost saving virtual technologies. By leveraging these technological advancements, allowing corporates to exchange information, accessing to business data, applications and business software required high-speed internet access, long-range connectivity, enhanced network security, VPN and domain access management. With our IT services and network solutions you can take your businesses new horizons with no geographical boundaries, which increases your ROI, business opportunities and your reach to new market with higher scalability and flexibility. We have the best fit to meet the unique needs of your businesses. We are regarded as one of the top tech company in Malaysia as our IT and network support engineers specialize in providing you with advanced Tech solutions. Whether you manage a small firm, a medium-sized organization, or a giant corporation the quality of the information technology infrastructure at your company can have a major impact on the efficacy of your operations and the amount of success you accomplish in general. At IT Hub, you will explore into IT services and Its sub domains, which includes IT infrastructure, Cloud and Virtualization, Data storage, backup and recovery, ERP software customization, IT engineering and onsite IT support services.

Technical services

We are Expert in IT Services and Infrastructure Needs

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Bandwidth management

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Wireless infrastructure

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AD Domain accessibility

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Firewall management

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VPN connectivity

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Server management

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Data backup management

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Rack installation

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Network security

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Mounting hardware devices

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IT Infrastructure support

IT And Network Architecture Setup

Our network company in Malaysia specializes in providing you with advanced Network solutions. From hardware installation to software support and server management. Network devices include desktops, servers, printers, routers, switches and access points by using the latest technologies, our network support engineers can set up bandwidth management, wireless infrastructure, VPN connectivity (high-end encryption), improved security with firewall management and High-speed internet access infrastructure.

We are a certified company in Malaysia providing innovative IT solutions in IT industry our solutions include Data storage and backup, data recovery, data migration, IT asset management, Cloud infrastructure management, User onboard training and user end support. At IT Hub Technologies, we go extra miles each day to maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the vision of being the best IT company in Southeast Asia. We go all out every day showing passion, commitment and responsibility for our clients.

Our network company in Malaysia makes sure your organization has fast and efficient solution installed to smooth your business operations. We also offer you complete IT Outsourcing solutions and infrastructure maintenance and upgrade solutions to ensure your company has the latest IT gear for enhanced performance.


Our network company in Malaysia makes sure your organization has fast and efficient solution installed to smooth your business operations. We also offer you complete IT Outsourcing solutions and infrastructure maintenance and upgrade solutions to ensure your company has the latest IT gear for enhanced performance.

Network Security and Firewall Management

We are regarded as one of the best tech company in Malaysia for offering exceptional network security. IT Hub offers protection against unauthorized access and data breaches. We ensure to enhance your network integrity and confidentiality. Our Network security services always offer compliance with industry-specific standards and security measures.

Network Configuration And Troubleshooting

IT Hub’s IT services for network configuration include network designing, subnetting, configuring routers and switches, establishing security measures and optimizing performance settings. Our troubleshooting tasks include identifying and resolving network-related problems, fixing connectivity issues, preventing slow performance and security vulnerabilities.

VPN Solution

IT Hub Technologies also design secure VPN tunnels and end-to-end encrypted connection over the internet. With latest technology and trusted vendors, we implement VPN solutions to connect your branches around the globe. Our IT company in KL offers confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data, prevention from data interception, enhanced privacy, data protection and secure transmission of information across public networks.

Network Design and Optimization

With our network design and network optimization strategies, we analyze your existing network structure and provide you with a comprehensive plan to enhance its performance by integrating the latest technologies. We provide a network framework that aligns with your industry’s best practices. We offer streamlined, flexible, and efficient usage of Network equipment and resources to optimize network performance by subnetting, VLANS, bandwidth management and access control policies to provide best performance and prevent downtime.

Why Choose Us For All Your IT and Network Infrastructure Needs?

We are regarded as one stop IT solution company in Malaysia, our wide range of IT services enables us provide on-point solutions to corporates and efficiently maintain latest IT standards use analytical specialized tools to deploy the up to date Infrastructure. Our working model is unique as we offer constant support and supervision, ensure your business operations are never disrupted.

Quality Of Services

Our IT Hub Technologies has highly skilled and experienced network engineers. We use certified devices during IT infrastructure implementation in your businesses. We never compromise on our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) during user-end support. With our top-tier quality of services, we make sure that your network infrastructure is running with backup and redundancy.

Network Consultancy

If you face difficulties with your IT infrastructure, we have got you covered. With our Technical IT services, you can get efficient support that your business may need. With IT Hub, you can improve collaboration and facilitate your global branches with our network support, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

IT Asset Management

We are the largest IT equipment and laptop importer company in Malaysia. we are an experienced team IT asset procurement, from procurement process to onboarding/offboarding users, user end support, warranty claims and IT asset disposal, we manage inventory and accounts for large-scale companies in Malaysia. At IT Hub, we ensure the IT assets in your organization is latest, maintained, upgraded, efficiently deployed and compatible with users’ usage.

Ongoing Support

We are listed as one of the best tech company in Malaysia. We offer consistent ongoing On-site support to various cities in Malaysia, include Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh. While remote support around the globe, with over 120+ IT Engineers is easier for us to provide you IT service and Network support 24/7 to your organization. Our availability around the clock ensure that all your IT queries and concerns can be resolved timely.

Your Success Is Our Success

We understand the importance of efficient IT Infrastructure in your businesses. This is why we ensure that top-quality IT support and solutions are implemented at your offices to make your business unstoppable. IT Hub takes its deliverables very seriously, as the success of our clients is our main priority. Connect with us for your digital growth.


Questions You May Have In Your Mind?

We are here to answer all your valuable questions about our IT services and our various innovative solutions. Let’s have a look at some of the general questions that might be popping into your head.

Network infrastructure development involves technical services that include designing and implementing a robust framework to support reliable network functionality within an organization.

• Enhanced connectivity
• Improved productivity
• Increased data security
• Bandwidth management
• Wireless infrastructure
• Efficient utilization of IT resources

Network infrastructure deployment consist of products, such as load balancers, P2P access points, Routers, Switches, Access points, Firewalls and other layer2, layer3 technologies.

At IT Hub Technologies, we ensure our technical services are according to the needs of our clients. The duration of network infrastructure implementation depends on various factors, including the complex or individual requirements and the scope of the project.

Our experts inspect your existing Infrastructure to identify and determine areas for improvement. They upgrade necessary devices to implement the right solutions to cost effectively cater to diverse needs of your business. We are known as one of the best tech companies in Malaysia as we enhance the overall performance to secure the infrastructure.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your businesses through our top-quality IT services and network infrastructure deployment.

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