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Clinical Management System

IT Hub Technologies developed a clinical management system that meets the needs of clinics, individual practitioners, and third-party billing companies.

This comprehensive solution includes Patient Care Management, Mobile App integration, Online Appointment Scheduling, Secured Messaging, eBilling, Insurance Handling, Accounting, HR/Payroll, and HL7/Integrated PACS.

The web-based clinic software can be installed both on-premises and in the cloud and is built based on the best practices in clinic management around the globe, aiming to enhance patient care quality while increasing efficiency and revenue.

What Advantages can a Clinic Management System Offer?

  • Patient data can be easily accessed through the Clinical Management System to create a variety of records, including those classified according to age, gender, and other demographic factors.
  • The medical clinic authorities can use it as a decision support system to create all-inclusive health care policies.
  • It improves information integrity by decreasing transcribing errors and duplicate data entry.
  • The Management System is user-friendly and does away with handwritten errors.
  • The newest technology provides flawless information retrieval from cloud or hosted servers.
  • Because it offers all data on a single platform, the Business Intelligence Module can provide insightful information about how clinics operate and how well patients are cared for.
clinical management system

Patient Registration

Our Practice Management System’s Patient Registration part handles the data needed for the patient information chart, where the process of gathering demographics begins. It includes the patient’s name, birthdate, employer, insurance information, and address and contact details.

  • A unique patient ID to monitor appointments.
  • Automatically uses secure electronic data transfer to confirm patients’ eligibility for benefits.
  • To reduce no-shows, updates are delivered via emails or SMS text messages

Appointment & Scheduling

The Management System makes scheduling patient appointments with doctors, laboratories, and radiology services easier. IT Hub Technologies frequently offers a scheduling or calendaring feature that enables employees to plan and manage future patient appointments.

Software is commonly distinguished by its use of a scheduling or booking approach and whether it permits double booking. Healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, and assistants, can quickly distinguish blocks of time or patient groups by using color-coded schedules.

  • Quick and effective patient scheduling
  • Online and offline appointment availability
  • Patients and staff can check appointment status

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”

– Denis Waitley


  • It improves continuity of care because it is particularly advantageous at the ambulatory point. remote access to such data is improved via internet-based access.
  • It effectively facilitates the management of finances, patient nutrition, and the disbursement of medical assistance. It paints an accurate image of clinic expansion in the future.
  • It improves the patient experience at a medical facility as a whole.
  • It enhances the dialogue and relationship between medical professionals and their patients.
  • Less paperwork, more safety, and fewer tests conducted twice result in lower organizational costs.
  • It shows how the drug consumption tracking system has been optimized, including its success. It pushes for appropriate pharmaceutical use and goes undesirable medication interactions into the background.

Outpatient Management

This hospital management system module handles all of the outpatient patient data.

  • Simple patient Billing / Collection
  • Clearly organized services, e.g., Consulting Services, Procedures, Medicines, X-rays, Labs, MRI, etc.
  • Manage invoice, payment due, and advance payment SMS for patient notification, payment, and next vaccine dose.
  • Generates reports easily, daily, monthly, yearly, or by date,

Management of Laboratories

The pathology lab uses this integrated module of our Clinical Management System to document and share information about the tests that are conducted.

  • Handles patient medical tests, exam reports, business records, and laboratory department operations with effectiveness.
  • Produces inpatient and outpatient billing. Only test reports that have been finalized by authorized persons may be printed.
  • Completed reports can be viewed on a screen before being delivered to the ward.
  • Lab reports are accessible through the patient site, providing a fully paperless solution.

Management of Accounts

This Clinical Management System module feeds all purchases, expenses, and payments into financial accounts. It is possible to import receipts straight from the outpatient department.

Reception Supervision

Activity at the front desk reception is managed using the Reception Management module. This component allows you to check the status of any patient or doctor, including the appointment time of the consultant, the home address, and the patient’s room search.

Pharmacy Management

The Hospital Management System allows for complete pharmacy shop management. It could also have a connection to primary billing. When patients pick up their medications from the pharmacy, the charges are automatically added to their billing.

  • Manage stock and manage medicine distribution.
  • Accept prescriptions from consulting physicians and dispatch a dispensing unit to a specific patient without personal help.
  • Prevent giving prescriptions improperly.

The use of clinical management system has become essential for modern medical institutions. It facilitates improved patient care, operational efficiency, and overall success. Clinics can handle patient data, appointment scheduling, invoicing, and income by investing in a robust clinic management system. The hospital management system is required for successful clinics that place a high priority on patient satisfaction and operational excellence in today’s tough healthcare market. So, if you haven’t already, Connect with us now!

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